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Free Drink Mnemonics

For several centuries, people have been using mnemonics and other memory techniques to retain hard-to-remember information with much ease. The definition of a mnemonic (pronounced as "neh-mon-ik") is any memory device(technique) that aids in memory. Mnemonics are used to enhance memory of complex information by means of letter patterns, ideas, or word associations.

For instance, here is a mnemonic for the names and order of the nine planets.

“My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas”?
Mars, Venus, Earth, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.

You can learn to remember drinks and cocktails as well by using mnemonics or wordplays that contain the drinks ingredients.

Below are some free drink mnemonics for you to try..


Free Drink Mnemonics

Boccie Ball
Am'a'ready for some Boccie Ball, Orange you?
1 ¼ oz Amaretto
Orange Juice fill


Why Get Sober
1 ¼ oz Whiskey
Ginger ale Soda fill


Silk Panties
Very Pretty
1 oz Vodka
½ oz Peach Schnapps

Very Tragic Landing 1 oz Vodka
½ oz Triple Sec
½ oz Lime Juice or squeeze lime wedge

Snake Bite
Yucky Lizard
1 ¼ oz Yukon Jack
Splash of Lime Juice

Very Classy Lady’s Choice
1 ½ oz Vodka
½ oz Cointreau
Splash of Lime Juice
Splash of Cranberry Juice

Sex On The Beach
Very Pretty Or Cute
1 oz Vodka
½ oz Peach Schnapps
1 ¾ oz Orange Juice
1 ¾ oz Cranberry Juice

Stone Sour
Walk On Stones
1 oz Whiskey
1 oz Orange Juice
1 oz Sour Mix

Woo Woo Shooter
Very Provacative Comment
1 ½ oz Vodka
½ oz Peach Schnapps
Splash of Cranberry Juice


Bay Breeze
A Bay Breeze is Very Cold and Pleasant
1 ¼ Vodka
2oz Pineapple
2oz Cranberry


Blue Hawaiian
Light Blue Pineapple State
1oz Light Rum
½ oz Blue Curacao
3oz Pineapple


Brazilian Limes are Sweet
2 ½ oz Cachaca Brazilian Rum
8 Lime Wedges
2 tsp Sugar

Cap Codder
Very Cold
1 ¼ Vodka
3oz Cranberry

Colorado Bulldog
Vicious Kahluarado dogs like Creamy Coke
1 ¼ oz Vodka
½ oz Kahlua
Splash of Cream
Splash of Coke
Cuba Libre

Cuban Coke dealers like Rum
3oz Light Rum
1 ¼ oz Light Rum


Dirty Mother
Mother Keeps her Brandy Dirty
½ oz Kahlua
1 ½ oz Brandy

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