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White Russian
(vodka,Kahlua®,heavy cream)
White Elephant
(London dry gin,italian vermouth,egg white)
White Lady
(London dry gin,Cointreau®,lemon juice,egg white)
White Wine Cup
(white burgundy,sherry,brandy,anisette,lemon rind,sugar,club soda,mint sprigs,pineapple slices)
White Russian
(vodka,coffee liqueur,light cream)
Washington Apple
(Crown Royal,Sour Apple Pucker Schnapps,cranberry juice,lemon lime soda)
Washington Apple Cocktail
(Crown Royal Canadian whisky,Sour Apple Pucker Schnapps,cranberry juice)
Water Moccasin
(peach schnapps,Crown Royal Canadian whisky,triple sec,sweet and sour mix)
Walk Me Down (Sweet Jesus)
(vodka,triple sec,rum,gin,tequila,sweet and sour mix,Blue Curacao liqueur,lemon lime soda)
(rye whiskey,sweet vermouth,absinthe or substitute,Angostura bitters)
Ward Eight
(bourbon or rye whiskey,lemon juice,simple syrup,grenadine,Orange slice and maraschino cherry flag)
(brandy,dry sherry,cup water)
Weep No More
(Dubonnet Rouge,brandy,maraschino liqueur,1/2 lime)
Whiskey Punch
(whiskey (Irish whiskey or blended Scotch whisky recommended),sugar cube (or more to taste),Hot water,lemon wedge or wheel)
Whiskey Smash
(bourbon whiskey,simple syrup,lemon , cut up into 2-3 pieces,full sprigs of spearmint)
Whiskey Sour
(whiskey,lemon juice,simple syrup,Maraschino cherry)
Whispers of the Frost
(whiskey,sherry,port,sugar,Variety of fruit for garnish)
Winter Cocktail
(rum,1/2 lime or lemon,sugar,ginger liqueur,pimento dram,Angostura Aromatic Bitters)
Wake the Dead Recipe (shooter)
(Patron XO Cafe coffee liqueur,Patron Silver Tequila,espresso)
Washington Apple
(Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey,sour apple schnapps,cranberry juice)
Woo Woo
(vodka,peach schnapps,cranberry juice)
Woo Woo
(vodka,peach schnapps,cranberry juice,lime wedge)
Warm Apple Pie
(TY KU Liqueur,Warm apple cider,Whipped cream,Cinnamon stick)
Winter Cup
(The King's Ginger Liqueur,apple cider,Magner's Apple Cider (or equivalent brand),Cinnamon stick)
Warm Old-fashioned
(Maker's Mark bourbon whisky,Angostura Bitters,sugar,cherry,club soda,Hot water,Orange slice and cherry)
Wedding Cake
(gin,amaretto,orange juice,pineapple juice,cream)
Wedding Cake #2
(amaretto,white creme de cacao,Milk,Pineapple juice)
Watermelon Margarita
(tequila,triple sec,lime juice,seeded watermelon,ice,Watermelon wedge)
Whipped Cream Vodka shot
(Whipped Cream Vodka)
Wild Turkey® 101 Bourbon whiskey shot
(Wild Turkey® 101)
Wild Turkey® Rye Whiskey shot
(Wild Turkey® Rye Whiskey)
Wild Turkey® American honey shot
(Wild Turkey® American honey )
White Cabernet glass of wine
(White Cabernet)
White Wine
(White Wine)
Wiser's® shot
Wray and Nephew® Overproof rum shot
(Wray and Nephew® Overproof rum )
Wide Eye Schnapps® shot
(Wide Eye Schnapps®)
White Wine, Chardonnay (5oz)
(White Wine, Chardonnay)
White Wine, Pinot Grigio (5oz)
(White Wine, Pinot Grigio)
White Wine, Sauvignon Blanc (5oz)
(White Wine, Sauvignon Blanc)
White Wine, Johannisberg Riesling (5oz)
(White Wine, Johannisberg Riesling)
White Wine,Gewurztraminer (5oz)
(White Wine,Gewurztraminer)
Wheat Beer "Wit­bier" (16oz)
(Wheat Beer "Wit­bier")
Wheat Beer "Wit­bier" (12oz)
(Wheat Beer "Wit­bier")
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