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Tequila Sunrise
(tequila,orange juice,grenadine)
Tom Collins
(London dry gin,superfine sugar,lemon juice,club soda)
Turf Cocktail
(Holland gin,italian vermouth,Angostura bitters)
(London dry gin,dry sherry,orange bitters)
Three Miller
(cognac,white rum,lemon juice,grenadine)
Ti' Punch
(rhum agricole,lime,cane syrup)
Tropical Dream
(mango rum,coconut rum,banana schnapps,vanilla vodka,orange juice,pineapple juice,grenadine syrup)
Tokyo Tea
(vodka,rum,gin,tequila,triple sec,midori melon liqueur,sour mix)
Thug Passion
(Alize liqueur,champagne)
Thanksgiving Cocktail
(gin,dry vermouth,apricot brandy,lemon juice,Maraschino cherry )
Tom and Jerry
(egg,simple syrup or 1 teaspoon powdered sugar,dark rum,Cognac or brandy,Hot milk or hot water,Grated nutmeg)
Tom Collins
(gin,lemon juice,simple syrup,Club soda,Maraschino cherry ,Lemon slice)
(gin,dry vermouth,maraschino liqueur,anise liqueur,bitters,Maraschino cherry )
Twentieth Century
(gin,white creme de cacao,Lillet Blanc,fresh lemon juice)
Tequila Slammer (shooter)
(tequila,ginger ale or lemon-lime soda)
Three Wise Men (shooter)
(Johnnie Walker Scotch whisky,Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey,Jim Beam bourbon)
Three Wise Men Go Hunting
(Johnnie Walker Scotch whisky,Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey,Wild Turkey bourbon)
Three Wise Men Visit Mexico
(Johnnie Walker Scotch whisky,Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey,Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila)
Toastie (shooter)
(amaretto,cinnamon schnapps)
Toostie Roll Recipe (shooter)
(coffee liqueur,orange juice,vodka)
Tootsie Roll 'Newer version'
(Three Olives Chocolate Vodka,amaretto or (3/4 oz),Chocolate Syrup)
The Wolf Bite
(LUCID® Absinthe,Midori® Melon Liqueur,lemon-lime soda,pineapple juice,grenadine)
Tequila Shot
(salt,tequila,lime wedge)
Torri Toddy
(Yamazaki 12 yr whiskey,lemon juice,honey,Yellow Chartreuse,Angostura bitters,hot fresh brewed chrysanthemum tea,Lemon wheel spiked with cloves)
Tom and Jerry
(egg,simple syrup or 1 teaspoon powdered sugar,dark rum,Cognac or brandy,Hot milk or hot water,Grated nutmeg)
Triple Espresso Martini
(Three Olives Triple Shot Espresso Vodka,coconut rum,amaretto,Chocolate )
Toostie Roll
(coffee liqueur,orange juice,amaretto)
Tex Collins
(gin,fresh grapefruit juice ,honey,club soda,Maraschino Cherry)
(Fernet Branca,rye whiskey,simple syrup,Angostura bitters)
Tequila shot
Tennesee Whiskey shot
(Tennesee Whiskey)
Tangueray® London Dry Gin shot
(Tangueray® London Dry Gin)
Tuaca® shot
Ty Ku® shot
(Ty Ku®)
Three Olives® Vodka shot
(Three Olives® Vodka)
Tommy Bahama® Rum shot
(Tommy Bahama® Rum )
Tia Maria® shot
(Tia Maria®)
Tullamore Dew® shot
(Tullamore Dew®)
Tequila Rose® shot
(Tequila Rose®)
Two Fingers® Tequila shot
(Two Fingers® Tequila )
Table Wine (5oz)
(Table Wine)
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