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Southern Comfort Kamikaze
(Southern Comfort® peach liqueur,lime juice,triple sec)
(vodka,lemon sorbet)
San Martin
(London dry gin,Italian vermouth,yellow chartreuse)
Silver Fuzz
(London dry gin,lemon juice,superfine sugar,egg white,club soda)
Singapore Sling
(London dry gin,Kirschwasser,Benedictine,club soda)
Sloe Gin Fizz
(sloe gin,lemon juice,superfine sugar,club soda)
Swinging Chad
(Golden rum,pineapple juice,Angostura bitters,Pernod,ginger ale)
Sono Grog
(bourbon,dark rum,Grand Marnier®,superfine sugar,thin wheel of lemon,boiling water)
Stone Fence
(dark rum,hard cider)
(rye whiskey,dark rum,port,orange bitters,Angostura bitters)
Sunshine Cocktail
(white rum,french vermouth,pineapple juice,grenadine)
(ruby port,brandy,orange juice)
(brandy,white creme de menthe)
Southern Screw
(vodka,peach liqueur,orange juice)
Sunny Delight
(triple sec,lemon vodka,club soda,lemon,orange juice)
Salty Dog
(vodka,grapefruit juice)
(citrus vodka,sweet and sour mix,lemon lime soda,soda water,lemon)
Strawberry Ice
(strawberry vodka,strawberry schnapps,cranberry juice)
Surfer on Acid
(Jagermeister,Malibu coconut rum,pineapple juice)
Sex with an Alligator
(sweet and sour mix,Midori melon liqueur,raspberry liqueur,Jagermeister)
Sweet Tight Pussy
(pineapple juice,midori melon liqueur,peach schnapps,lemon lime soda)
Scooby Snack
(coconut rum,creme de bananas,midori melon liqueur,pineapple juice,whipped cream)
Strawberry Daiquiri
(strawberry schnapps,light rum,lime juice,powdered sugar,strawberries)
Sex on the Beach
(vodka,peach schnapps,cranberry juice,orange juice)
Strawberry Ice
(strawberry vodka,strawberry schnapps,cranberry juice)
Scooby Snack
(Malibu coconut rum,Midori melon liqueur,pineapple juice,whipped cream)
Squashed Frog
(Midori melon liqueur,advocaat liqueur,Bailey's Irish cream,grenadine syrup)
Simple Syrup Home Made
(Water,Superfine sugar)
Saratoga Brace Up
(brandy,absinthe,lemon or lime juice,Angostura bitters,simple syrup,egg,club soda)
Saratoga Cocktail
(brandy,whiskey,sweet vermouth,Angostura bitters,Lemon peel)
(rye whiskey,simple syrup,Peychaud bitters (or to taste),Absinthe or absinthe substitute,lemon twist)
Sherry Cobbler
(Sherry,simple syrup,orange ,Fresh, seasonal berries)
Scotch Whisky Skin
(Scotch whisky ,lemon peel,Boiling water)
(Cognac,Cointreau or triple sec orange liqueur,lemon juice,Lemon twist,sugar)
Singapore Sling
(gin,lime juice,simple syrup,club soda,cherry brandy, kirsch, or Cherry Heering,Lemon slice,Maraschino cherry )
Snow Ball
(brandy,simple syrup,egg,Ginger ale)
Soda Cocktail (non-alcoholic)
(Angostura bitters,powdered sugar,soda water,Lemon wedge)
Soul Kiss
(whiskey,dry vermouth,orange juice,Dubonnet)
Star Cocktail
(apple brandy,sweet vermouth,Peychaud's or Angostura bitters,gum syrup,lemon twist )
(brandy,white creme de menthe)
Stone Fence Cocktail
(bourbon,Angostura bitters,apple cider )
Stone Wall Cocktail
(bourbon or Canadian whiskey,simple syrup,Club soda )
Screaming Orgasm (shooter)
(vodka,amaretto liqueur,coffee liqueur,Irish cream liqueur)
Sammy Jäger (shooter)
Sangrita (shooter)
(fresh squeezed orange juice,fresh squeezed lime juice,grenadine,hot sauce or 1/4 tsp chile powder,jalapeno pepper for garnish (optional))
Santa Shot (shooter)
(grenadine,green crème de menthe,peppermint schnapps)
Shamrocked (shooter)
(Midori melon liqueur,Irish Whiskey,Irish cream liqueur)
Silver Bullet (shooter)
(gin,Scotch,Lemon twist )
Slippery Nipple (shooter)
(sambuca liqueur,Irish cream liqueur)
Snake Bite (shooter)
(Yukon Jack,Rose's lime juice)
Snowball (shooter)
(brandy,peppermint schnapps,white crème de cacao)
Snowshoe (shooter)
(Wild Turkey Bourbon Whiskey,Rumpleminz peppermint schnapps)
Southern Joe (shooter)
(Southern Comfort,Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey)
Stoplight (shooter)
(vodka,cranberry juice,orange juice,melon liqueur)
Sea Breeze
(vodka,cranberry juice,grapefruit juice)
Salty Dog
(vodka,grapefruit juice,kosher salt)
Scarlet O'Hara
(Southern Comfort,lime juice,Cranberry juice,Lime wedge)
Scotch & Soda
(Scotch whisky,Club soda)
(vodka,orange juice,Orange slice )
Seven and Seven (7&7)
(Seagram's 7 Crown Whiskey,7-up,Lemon wedge )
Sloe Screw
(Sloe Gin,orange juice,Orange slice)
Sloe Screw Against the Wall
(vodka,Sloe Gin,orange juice,Orange slice)
Sloe Comfortable Screw
(Sloe Gin,Southern Comfort,vodka,Orange juice,orange slice)
Sloe Comfortable Screw Against the Wall
(vodka,Southern Comfort,Sloe Gin,orange juice,Galliano)
Sloe Comfortable Mexican Screw Against the Wall
(vodka,Southern Comfort,Sloe Gin ,tequila,orange juice)
Sloe Comfortable Screw Between the Sheets
(vodka,Southern Comfort,Sloe Gin,rum ,brandy,orange juice)
Sloe Comfortable Fuzzy Screw Against the Wall
(vodka,Southern Comfort,Sloe Gin,peach schnapps,orange juice,peach schnapps)
Smith & Kearns
(coffee liqueur or creme de cacao,cream,club soda)
Smith & Wesson
(vodka,coffee liqueur,half and half,club soda)
(Kahlua Coffee Liqueur or coffee brandy,Milk or cream)
Scotch Mist
(Scotch ,crushed ice)
Smoky Martini
(gin,Scotch whisky,Lemon twist )
Ski Lift
(peach schnapps,coconut rum,Hot chocolate,Whipped cream,Shredded coconut)
Spiked Three-O Mocha
(hot cocoa,Three Olives Triple Shot Espresso Vodka,amaretto liqueur,Whipped cream ,shaved chocolate)
Steelers Cider
(Bourbon Whiskey,apple cider,cloves,lemon, thinly sliced,ground allspice,cinnamon sticks)
Sriracha Mexican Rodeo
(reposado tequila,Cointreau orange liqueur,Fresh lemon and lime juice,simple syrup,jalapeno peppers,cucumber,Sriracha salt *(recipe below),Lemon and lime wedges )
(Beer - Wheat beer and light lagers are best,Cold Lemonade)
Skeleton Key
(Bourbon,St. Germain,Fresh Lemon Juice,Ginger Beer,Angostura Bitters)
Scottish Mule
(scotch,fresh lime juice,simple syrup,ginger beer,Angostura bitters,mint leaf or mint spring)
Smoky Mule
(Mezcal tequila,fresh lime juice,simple syrup,ginger beer,Angostura bitters,mint leaf or mint spring)
Sandy Collins
(scotch whisky,fresh lemon juice,simple syrup,club soda,maraschino cherry)
Strawberry Vodka shot
(Strawberry Vodka)
Spiced Rum shot
(Spiced Rum)
Silver(blanco) Tequila shot
(Silver Tequila)
Scotch Whisky shot
(Scotch Whisky)
Single Malt Scotch Whisky shot
(Single Malt Scotch Whisky)
Sweet Vermouth shot
(Sweet Vermouth)
Sambuca shot
Seagram's 7® Canadian Whisky shot
(Seagram's 7® Canadian Whisky )
Smirnoff® Vodka shot
(Smirnoff® vodka )
Sweet Carolina® Sweet Tea vodka shot
(Sweet Carolina® Sweet Tea vodka )
Sake Wine
(Sake Wine)
Skyy® Vodka shot
(Skyy® Vodka)
Starbucks® Coffee Liqueur shot
(Starbucks® Coffee Liqueur )
Sauza® Tequila shot
(Sauza® Tequila )
Suntory® Royal Whiskey shot
(Suntory® Royal Whiskey )
Sailor Jerry® Rum shot
(Sailor Jerry® Rum)
St. Vincent® 169 Proof shot
(St. Vincent® 169 Proof )
Sazerac® shot
Shaker's® Flavored Vodka shot
(Shaker's® Flavored Vodka)
Sabroso® Coffee Liqueur shot
(Sabroso® Coffee Liqueur)
Scorpion® Tequila shot
(Scorpion® Tequila )
Sake Rice Wine (5oz)
(Sake Rice Wine)
Sweet White Wine, Moselle (5oz)
(Sweet White Wine, Moselle)
Sweet White Wine, Sauterne (5oz)
(Sweet White Wine, Sauterne)
Sweet White Wine, White Zinfandel (5oz)
(Sweet White Wine, White Zinfandel)
Sweet White Wine, Moscato (5oz)
(Sweet White Wine, Moscato)
Sweet White Wine, Chenin Blanc (5oz)
(Sweet White Wine, Chenin Blanc)
Stone® Pale Ale (41 IBUs) Beer (16oz)
(Stone® Pale Ale )
Stone® Smoker Porter (53 IBUs) Beer (16oz)
(Stone® Smoker Porter )
Stone® IPA (77 IBUs) Beer (16oz)
(Stone® IPA )
Stone® Arrogant Bastard Ale Beer (16oz)
(Stone® Arrogant Bastard Ale)
Stout Beer (16oz)
(Stout Beer)
Stout Beer (12oz)
(Stout Beer)
Sam Adams® Boston Lager Beer (12oz)
(Sam Adams® Boston Lager)
Sam Adams® Light Beer (12oz)
(Sam Adams® Light)
Stella Artois® (12oz)
(Stella Artois®)
Sapporo Premium® (12oz)
(Sapporo Premium®)
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