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Root Beer Blaster
(Jagermeister®,root beer)
Red Death
(vodka,Southern Comfort® peach liqueur,amaretto almond liqueur,triple sec,sloe gin,lime juice,orange juice)
Red Death #2
(vodka,Southern Comfort® peach liqueur,amaretto almond liqueur,triple sec,cranberry juice,lime juice,orange juice)
Ramos Fizz
(London dry gin,heavy cream,egg white,lemon juice,lime juice,superfine sugar,orange flower water,club soda)
Red Lion
(London dry gin,Grand Marnier,orange juice,lemon juice)
Remsen Cooler
(lemon peel,gin,superfine sugar,club soda)
Rye & Ginger Ale
(rye whiskey,ginger ale)
Rappahannock Eggnog
(egg yolks,superfine sugar,bourbon,dark rum,peach brandy,milk,whipped cream)
Regent Punch
(thin cut lemon rinds,tea,superfine sugar,lemon juice,orange juice,pineapple juice,brandy,dark rum,brut champagne,slices of orange,slices of pineapple)
Rum and Coconut Water
(golden rum,coconut water)
Rum Dubonnet
(golden rum,Dubonnet,lime juice)
Rum Sidecar
(golden rum,Cointreau,lemon juice)
Rum Sour
(golden rum,lemon juice,superfine sugar)
(pepper vodka,grenadine syrup,fresh lime juice)
Red Death
(vodka,peach liqueur,almond liqueur,triple sec,sloe gin,lime juice,orange juice)
Red Headed Slut
(peach schnapps,Jagermeister,cranberry juice)
Ruby Relaxer
(peach schnapps,vodka,coconut rum,pineapple juice,cranberry juice)
Rusty Nail
(Scotch whisky,Drambuie Scotch whisky)
Ramos Gin Fizz (also New Orleans Fizz)
(gin,lime juice,lemon juice,simple syrup,milk, half & half, or cream,egg white,fleurs d'orange (orange flower water),Club soda)
Regent's Punch - Jerry Thomas' 1887
(brandy,rum,Batavia Arrack,curacao liqueur,strong hot green tea,lemon juice,orange simple syrup*,Champagne,pineapple, sliced,oranges, sliced)
Robert Burns
(Scotch whisky,sweet vermouth,orange bitters,absinthe)
Rob Roy
(Scotch,sweet vermouth,Angostura bitters (or to taste),Maraschino cherry )
(bourbon whiskey,dry vermouth)
Redheaded Slut
(Jagermeister,peach schnapps,cranberry juice)
Red Snapper
(Crown Royal Canadian whisky,amaretto liqueur,cranberry juice)
Red, White and Blue Shooter
(grenadine,peach schnapps,blue curaçao)
Roasted Mellow (shooter)
(Smirnoff® Marshmallow Flavored Vodka,Godiva® Chocolate Liqueur,Lagavulin Scotch)
Roasted Toasty (shooter)
(Cinnamon Shcnapps,amaretto,coffee liqueur)
Russian Quaalude (shooter)
(hazelnut liqueur,Irish cream liqueur,vodka)
Red Beer (Red Eye)
(tomato juice,beer,Salt )
Rum and Coke
(rum,coke,lime wedge)
Roasted Toasted Almond (or Burnt Almond)
(vodka,coffee liqueur,amaretto,Milk or cream)
Roman Rasta Coffee
(sambuca,dark rum,Hot black coffee,Whipped cream)
Rum Runner
(gold rum,blackberry brandy,crème de banane,orange juice,Falernum or grenadine)
Root Beer Float
(Galliano,vanilla liqueur or vanilla vodka,cream,Root beer,Whipped cream,Maraschino cherry)
Root Beer Float Recipe (non-alcoholic)
(Vanilla ice cream or to taste,Root beer)
Rye Mule
(Rye whiskey,fresh lime juice,simple syrup,ginger beer,Angostura bitters,mint leaf or mint spring)
Raspberry Mule
(vodka,fresh lime juice,simple syrup,raspberries,ginger beer)
Ron Collins (a.k.a. Pedro Collins)
(Light Rum,fresh lime juice,simple syrup,club soda,lime slice and cherries)
Raspberry Vodka shot
(Raspberry Vodka)
rum shot
Reposado Tequila shot
(Reposado Tequila)
Romana® Sambuca shot
(Romana® Sambuca)
Rumplemintz® Peppermint schnapps shot
(Rumplemintz® Peppermint schnapps)
Red Bull® Energy Drink can
(Red Bull® Energy Drink )
Red Bull® Sugar Free Energy Drink Can
(Red Bull® Sugar Free Energy Drink )
Rye whiskey shot
(rye whiskey)
Rum Cream shot
(Rum Cream)
Red Wine
(Red Wine)
Remy Martin® Cognac shot
(Remy Martin® Cognac)
Russian Standard® Vodka shot
(Russian Standard® Vodka )
Red Rum® shot
(Red Rum®)
Rebel Yell® shot
(Rebel Yell®)
Rich and Rare® shot
(Rich and Rare®)
Rhum Barbancourt® Rum shot
(Rhum Barbancourt® Rum )
Ron Ariejo® Rum shot
(Ron Ariejo® Rum)
Ron Flor De Cana® Rum shot
(Ron Flor De Cana® Rum)
Raki® shot
Raynal® Brandy shot
(Raynal® Brandy )
Red Wine, Burgundy (5oz)
(Red Wine, Burgundy)
Red Wine, Cabernet (5oz)
(Red Wine, Cabernet)
Rose Wine (5oz)
(Rose Wine)
Red Wine, Claret (5oz)
(Red Wine, Claret)
Red Wine, Merlot (5oz)
(Red Wine, Merlot)
Red Stripe® Jamaican Ale Beer (12oz)
(Red Stripe® Jamaican Ale)
Rolling Rock's® Extra Pale Lager Beer (12oz)
(Rolling Rock's® Extra Pale Lager)
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