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Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster
(Jack Daniel's® Tennessee whiskey,Peach Schnapps,orange juice,Blue Curacao liqueur)
Pineapple Upside Down Cake Shot
(bourbon whiskey,peach schnapps,pineapple juice,maraschino cherry juice)
Pineapple Upside Down Cake
(Malibu® coconut rum,pineapple juice,grenadine syrup)
Pineapple Upside Down Cake Shot #2
(Licor 43®,vodka,pineapple juice)
Pink Starburst
(vanilla vodka,watermelon schnapps,sweet and sour mix )
Purple Hooter Shooter
(vodka,Rose's® lime juice,Chambord® raspberry liqueur)
Purple Hooter Shooter #2
(vodka,Raspberry Liqueur,sour mix)
Pale Deacon
(London dry gin,superfine sugar,grapefruit juice)
(London dry gin,apricot brandy,orange juice,lemon juice)
Pegu Club
(London dry gin,orange curacao,lime juice,Angostura bitters,orange bitters)
Pink Gin
(Angostura bitters,Plymouth gin)
Poet's Dream
(London dry gin,French vermouth,Benedictine,orange bitters)
(Scotch,ginger ale)
Peg O' My Heart
(white rum,lime juice,grenadine)
Pina Colada
(golden rum,unsweetened pineapple juice,coconut cream)
Planter's Punch
(dark rum,lime juice,lemon juice,grenadine,superfine sugar)
(amber rum,Pineau des Charentes,lemon juice)
Presidente Vincent
(dark rum,French vermouth,lime juice,superfine sugar)
Pisco Bell Ringer
(pisco brandy,orange bitters,Peychaud's bitters,lemon juice,simple syrup)
Pisco Punch
(whole pineapple,gum syrup,distilled water,lemon juice,pisco )
Punch Livornese
(sugar,lemon peel,brandy,espresso)
Porn Star
(blue curacao liqueur,raspberry liqueur)
Polar Bear
(creme de cacao ,peppermint schnapps)
Pineapple Upside Down Cake
(vanilla vodka,pineapple juice,grenadine syrup)
(dark rum,coconut cream,pineapple juice,orange juice)
Pina Colada Punch
(pineapple juice,coconut cream,cinnamon,pineapple soda,vanilla ice cream,coconut syrup,orange slices)
Pensacola Bushwacker
(cream of coconut,kahlua coffee liqueur,bacardi black rum,cream de cacoa,half and half,vanilla ice cream)
Pink Gin or Gin & Bitters
(gin,Angostura bitters(3-4 dashes))
(gin,apricot brandy,orange juice)
Parisian Blond Cocktail
(rum,orange curacao,heavy cream,Vanilla extract)
Pegu Club
(gin,orange liqueur,lime juice,Angostura Bitters,Lime wedge or peel)
Perfect Martini
(gin,dry vermouth,sweet vermouth,Green olives or lemon twist )
Pimm's No. 1 Cup
(Pimm's No. 1,lemonade,Lemon twist ,Cucumber slice or peel )
Pink Gin
(gin,Angostura bitters)
Planter's Punch
(dark rum,lime juice,simple syrup,pineapple,orange juice or passionfruit juice optional,Club soda(optional),Seasonal fruit)
Polar Cocktail
(gin,maraschino liqueur,1/2 a lemon,egg white)
Pimento Dram (Allspice dram )
(light rum,whole allspice berries(dried, spicy berry of the pimento tree),cinnamon stick,cup water,brown sugar (2/3 cup))
Paradise (shooter)
(apricot brandy,orange juice,Plymouth Gin)
Peanut Butter and Jelly (shooter)
(Frangelico liqueur,Chambord liqueur)
Peppermint Patty
(dark crème de cacao,peppermint schnapps,cream)
Pickleback (Jameson's & pickle juice)
(Jameson Irish Whiskey,Pickle Juice)
Pirate's Treasure (shooter)
(Goldschlager Cinnamon Schnapps,Captain Morgan Spiced Rum)
Polar Bear Shooter
(white creme de cacao liqueur,peppermint schnapps)
(Frangelico Liqueur,Wild Turkey American Honey)
Purple Hooter (shooter) or Purple Kamikazi
(vodka,raspberry liqueur,lime juice or sour mix)
Prairie Fire (shooter)
Peppermint Patty
(peppermint schnapps,dark crème de cacao,cream)
Pearl Harbor
(vodka,melon liqueur,Pineapple juice,Maraschino cherry,Pineapple chunks)
Pink Squirrel
(creme de noyaux,white creme de cacao,heavy cream)
Pomspresso Tini
(espresso vodka,pomegranate juice,lime juice,Angostura aromatic bitters)
Problem Solver Cocktail
(rye whiskey,Cherry Heering,Benedictine,Fernet Branca (to rinse glass),Orange twist)
Piña Colada
(light rum,pineapple juice,cream of coconut,Pineapple wedge,Maraschino cherry)
Planter's Punch
(dark rum,pineapple, orange, or passionfruit juice (or a mix of fruit juices),lime juice,simple syrup,Club soda (optional),Seasonal fruit )
Prickly Pear Margarita
(Voodoo Tiki Desert Rose Tequila,triple sec,sour mix,orange juice,grenadine to color,Sugar coated lime wheel,Salt or sugar)
Peach Julius (non-alcoholic)
(fresh or frozen peach juice,milk,vanilla extract,sugar,vanilla ice cream)
Pumpkin Shandy
(Cointreau orange liqueur,fresh lemon juice,pumpkin butter,pumpkin ale,Fresh grated nutmeg)
Pear Vodka shot
(Pear Vodka)
Plymouth Gin shot
(Plymouth Gin)
Pernod® shot
Pimms No1® shot
(Pimms No1®)
Pickle juice shot
(Pickle juice)
Patron® XO Cafe shot
(Patron® XO Cafe )
Pyrat® Rum shot
(Pyrat® Rum )
Presidente® Brandy shot
(Presidente® Brandy )
Pama® shot
Paul Masson® Brandy shot
(Paul Masson® Brandy)
Phillips Union® shot
(Phillips Union®)
Powers® Irish Whiskey shot
(Powers® Irish Whiskey)
Pig Nose® shot
(Pig Nose®)
Pappy Van Winkle's® Bourbon Whiskey shot
(Pappy Van Winkle's® Bourbon Whiskey )
Patron® Citronage shot
Pastis® shot
Pepe Lopez® Tequila shot
(Pepe Lopez® Tequila)
Paul Masson® Brandy shot
(Paul Masson® Brandy)
Polignac® shot
(Polignac® ®)
Plum Wine (5oz)
(Plum Wine)
Pale Lager Beer (16oz)
(Pale Lager Beer)
Pilsner Beer (16oz)
(Pilsner Beer)
Porter Beer (16oz)
(Porter Beer)
Pale Ale Beer (16oz)
(Pale Ale Beer)
Pale Lager Beer (12oz)
(Pale Lager Beer)
Pilsner Beer (12oz)
(Pilsner Beer)
Porter Beer (12oz)
(Porter Beer)
Pale Ale Beer (12oz)
(Pale Ale Beer)
Pabst's® Blue Ribbon Beer (12oz)
(Pabst's® Blue Ribbon)
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