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Old Fashioned Gin Cocktail
(sugar,Angostura bitters,water,gin)
Orange Blossom
(London dry gin,orange juice)
Old Fashioned 'Original'
(Bourbon whiskey or Rye whiskey,Angostura Bitters,sugar cube,orange peel,club soda or water)
Old Fashioned (Muddled)
(Bourbon or Rye Whiskey,Angostura Bitters,bar sugar,orange slice,maraschino cherries,water or club soda)
Orange Blossom or Adirondack Cocktail
(gin,sweet vermouth,orange juice)
Orange slice
(rye whiskey,cognac,curacao,simple syrup,absinthe,Angostura bitters,Club soda,Lemon twist)
Obituary Cocktail
(gin,dry vermouth,absinthe or substitute)
Old Pal Cocktail
(rye whiskey,dry vermouth,Campari)
Orange Blossom or Adirondack Cocktail
(gin,sweet vermouth,orange juice)
Oriental Cocktail
(Rittenhouse Rye Whiskey,sweet vermouth,Cointreau,lime juice,Cherry)
Oatmeal Cookie Shooter
(butterscotch schnapps,Irish cream liqueur,Jägermeister,cinnamon schnapps)
Office Party (shooter)
(Hornitos® Reposado Tequila,Fresh Lime Juice,Ginger Syrup,Grenadine,Red Bell Pepper,Lime wedge )
Orgasm (shooter)
(amaretto liqueur,coffee liqueur,Irish cream liqueur)
Orient Express
(ginger liqueur,sugar,Espresso)
Oaxaca Chakas
(Milagro Select Barrel Reserve Anejo Tequila,Agave nectar,Heavy whipping cream,Milk,Oaxacan chocolate powder,Freshly whipped cream )
Orange Julius (non-alcoholic)
(orange juice from concentrate or 1 cup of fresh orange juice ,milk,vanilla extract,sugar,vanilla ice cream)
Orange Vodka shot
(Orange Vodka)
Old Tom Gin shot
(Old Tom Gin)
Ouzo shot
Old Charter® shot
(Old Charter®)
Old Crow® shot
(Old Crow®)
Old Fitzgerald® shot
(Old Fitzgerald®)
Old Grandad® shot
(Old Grandad®)
Old Overholt® shot
(Old Overholt®)
Old Potrero® shot
(Old Potrero®)
Old Smuggler® shot
(Old Smuggler®)
Old Grand Dad® 100 shot
(Old Grand Dad® 100 )
Old Rip Van Winkle's® Bourbon Whiskey shot
(Old Rip Van Winkle's® Bourbon Whiskey )
O'Doul's® Amber Non Alcoholic Beer (12oz)
(O'Doul's® Amber Non Alcoholic)
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