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(vodka,peach schnapps,Red Bull® energy drink,orange juice)
Melon Blaster
(amaretto almond liqueur,pineapple juice,cranberry-raspberry juice)
Melon Kamikaze
(vodka,triple sec,melon liqueur,sweat and sour mix )
Mind Eraser
(Kahlua® Coffee Liqueur,vodka ,club soda)
Moscow Mule
(vodka,lime juice,ginger beer,Angostura bitters,simple syrup(optional),mint leaf or mint spring)
(silver tequila,Cointreau,lime juice)
(rye whiskey,sweet vermouth,Angostura bitters)
(rye whiskey,Angostura bitters,superfine sugar,club soda)
(rye whiskey,Grand Marnier®,grenadine,egg white)
Maiden's Prayer
(London dry gin,Cointreau,lemon juice,orange juice)
(Drambuie®,white rum,lime juice,lemon juice,club soda)
Mai Tai
(dark rum,lime juice,orange curacao,orgeat syrup,simple syrup)
Milk Punch
(dark rum,superfine sugar,milk)
Mississippi Punch
(cognac,bourbon,dark rum,lemon juice,superfine sugar)
(lime juice,superfine sugar,mint leaves,white rum,club soda)
Midsummer Night's Dream
(fresh strawberries,strawberry liqueur,cherry brandy,vodka,tonic water)
(vanilla vodka,energy drink)
Mojito Diablo
(white tequila,creme de cassis,lime,mint leaves,lemon lime soda,brown sugar)
(rum,mint leaves,sugar,lime juice,soda water)
Midori Sour
(Midori melon liqueur,sour mix,cherry)
Mountain Breeze
(vodka,gin,triple sec,cranberry juice,rum,tequila,sweet and sour mix,grapefruit juice)
Malibu Bay Breeze
(Malibu coconut rum,cranberry juice,pineapple juice)
Madison Avenue
(white rum,Cointreau,lime juice,orange bitters,Mint leaves,Sprig of mint,Lime slice)
Maiden's Prayer (also Between the Sheets)
(brandy,light rum,triple sec,lemon juice,Lemon twist )
(rye whiskey,sweet vermouth,Angostura bitters,Maraschino cherry)
(Old Tom gin,sweet vermouth,maraschino liqueur,Angostura bitters,Lemon twist )
Martini 'Classic Gin Martini'
(gin,dry vermouth,olives or lemon twist for garnish(1-3 olives),Angostura bitters or orange bitters (optional))
Mary Pickford
(light rum,pineapple juice,grenadine,maraschino cherry juice)
Medford Rum Punch
(Medford rum (full-body substitute),Jamaican rum (medium-body substitute),1/2 lemon,orange slice,Seasonal berries,Lime slice)
(brandy,sweet vermouth,simple syrup,Angostura bitters)
Metropolitan 'Newest Version'
(Absolut Kurant Vodka,triple sec or orange liqueur,cranberry juice,lime juice,Lime)
Millionaire Cocktail No. 1
(sloe gin,apricot brandy,Jamaican rum,grenadine,1 lime)
Million Dollar Cocktail
(gin,sweet vermouth,dry vermouth,pineapple juice,egg white,Angostura bitters)
(gin,sweet vermouth,dry vermouth,orange juice)
Mint Julep 'Classic'
(mint sprigs,simple syrup or 2 sugar cubes ,bourbon whiskey,Mint sprig)
(simple syrup or 2 teaspoon sugar,mint leaves,club soda,light rum,Mint sprig,Lime wedge squeezed or 1/4oz fresh lime juice)
Monkey Gland
(gin,orange juice,grenadine,absinthe,Orange slice)
(amaretto,coffee liqueur)
Margarita Jelly Shot
(package unflavored or lime flavored gelatin(1 of 3oz package),boiling water,blanco tequila,triple sec,fresh lime juice,cold water,Food coloring (optional))
Melon Ball (shooter)
(vodka,melon liqueur,pineapple juice)
Mexican Samurai (shooter)
(TY KU liqueur,tequila,Fresh sweet and sour mix)
(vodka,cranberry juice,orange juice)
Melon Ball
(vodka,Midori melon liqueur,pineapple juice)
(vodka,coffee liqueur,Irish cream liqueur)
Mad Monk
(Frangelico hazelnut liqueur,peppermint schnapps,Hot chocolate,Hot coffee,Whipped cream for garnish (optional))
Midnight Snowstorm
(white crème de menthe,Hot chocolate,green crème de menthe,Whipped cream)
Mound Bar
(coconut rum,Hot chocolate,Whipped cream for garnish (optional))
Milk & Honey
Mango Julius (non-alcoholic
(fresh or frozen mango juice,milk,vanilla extract,sugar,vanilla ice cream)
(beer,lime juice,Tabasco sauce,soy sauce,Worcestershire sauce,Maggi or habanero sauce,Fresh ground pepper)
Mexican Mule
(tequila,fresh lime juice,simple syrup,ginger beer,Angostura bitters)
Mike Collins
(Irish Whiskey,fresh lemon juice,simple syrup,club soda,maraschino cherry)
Melon Vodka shot
(Melon Vodka)
Malibu® Coconut Rum shot
(Malibu® Coconut Rum)
Medford rum shot
(Medford rum)
Midori® Melon Liqueur shot
(Midori® Melon Liqueur)
Myers® Dark Rum shot
(Myers® Dark Rum)
Monster® Energy Drink Can
(Monster® Energy Drink)
Malt Beer (malt liquor) 32oz
(Malt Beer(Malt liquor))
Malt Beer (Malt Liquor) 40oz
(Malt Beer (Malt Liquor) )
marachino liqueur shot
(marachino liqueur)
Marshmallow flavored vodka shot
(Marshmallow flavored vodka)
Merlot wine
Martel® Cognac shot
(Martel® Cognac )
Mount Gay® Rum shot
(Mount Gay® Rum)
Margaritaville® Tequila shot
(Margaritaville® Tequila )
Matador® Tequila shot
(Matador® Tequila)
Milagrio® Tequila shot
(Milagrio® Tequila )
Monte Alban® Mezcal Tequila shot
(Monte Alban® Mezcal Tequila)
Monte Alban® Tequila shot
(Monte Alban® Tequila )
Meukow® Vanilla Cognac shot
(Meukow® Vanilla Cognac )
Miller Lite® Beer (16oz)
(Miller Lite® Beer)
Miller Genuine Draft Light® Beer (16oz)
(Miller Genuine Draft Light® Beer)
Michelob Ultra® Beer (12oz)
(Michelob Ultra®)
Michelob® Beer (12oz)
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