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Lemon Drop Martini #2
(vodka,triple sec,margarita mix,sugar,lemon juice)
Lemon Drop Martini
(vodka,triple sec,superfine sugar,freshly squeezed lemon juice)
Lemon Drop Shot
(Absolut® Citron vodka,lemon,sugar)
Lemon Drop Shot #2
(Absolut® Citron Vodka,sweet and sour mix,lemon,sugar )
La Paloma
(tequila,lime juice,salt,grapefruit soda)
Lark's Tropical Heaven
(pineapple juice,strawberry-banana nectar,vodka,coconut rum,sugar)
(Citrus vodka,lime juice,tonic water)
Long Island Iced Tea
(Vodka,Tequila,gin,Triple Sec,Rum,Sweet and Sour Mix,Cola)
Lava Flow
(light rum,coconut rum,strawberries,banana,pineapple juice,coconut cream)
Liquid Viagra
(Jagermeister,energy drink)
Last Word
(gin,lime juice,Green Chartreuse,maraschino liqueur)
Leap Year
(gin,sweet vermouth,Grand Marnier orange liqueur,lemon juice,Lemon twist )
Liberal Cocktail
(rye whiskey,sweet vermouth,Torani Amer,orange bitters,lemon twist)
Lemon Drop Shooter
(citrus vodka,Lemon wedge,Sugar)
Liquid Cocaine
(Jagermeister Liqueur,Goldschlager Cinnamon Schnapps,Rumple Minze Peppermint Schnapps)
Liquid Cocaine #2
(Jagermeister Liqueur,Rumple Minze Peppermint Schnapps,151 Barcardi Rum)
Liquid Herorine
(Jagermeister Liqueur,Rumple Minze Peppermint Schnapps,Goldschlager Cinnamon Schnapps)
Love Potion #9
(strawberry, vanilla or clear vodka,white crème de cacao,fresh or frozen strawberries,vanilla ice cream,ice,Strawberry )
Lemon Vodka shot
(Lemon Vodka)
London Dry Gin shot
(London Dry Gin)
Light Rum shot
(Light Rum)
Licor 43® Vanilla liqueur shot
(Licor 43® Vanilla liqueur)
LoCarb Energy Drink Can
(LoCarb Energy Drink Can)
Light Beer 12oz
(Light Beer)
Light Beer 16oz
(Light Beer)
Limoncello shot
Lillet Blanc® shot
(Lillet Blanc®)
Lucid® Absinthe shot
(Lucid® Absinthe)
Laird's® Applejack shot
(Laird's® Applejack )
Light Beer (16oz)
(Light Beer)
Light, Reduced Alcohol Wine (5oz)
(Light, Reduced Alcohol Wine)
Light Lager Beer (16oz)
(Light Lager Beer)
Light Lager Beer (12oz)
(Light Lager Beer)
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