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(vodka,triple sec,lime juice)
(golden rum,raspberry syrup,orange curacao,fresh squeezed lime juice,lime)
Key West Screwdriver
(vodka,lime juice,orange juice)
Kir and Kir Royale
(creme de cassis,Champagne)
(rum,raspberry syrup,orange curacao,fresh lemon juice,Lemon wedge )
Kamikaze (shooter)
(vodka,triple sec or orange liqueur,Roses lime juice or fresh lime juice )
Kool Aid (shooter)
(Midori,amaretto,Cranberry juice)
Kentucky Coffee
(Wild Turkey 101 bourbon whiskey,Wild Turkey American Honey liqueur,Hot coffee,Whipped cream (optional))
Kentucky Mule
(bourbon whiskey,fresh lime juice,simple syrup,ginger beer,Angostura bitters,mint leaf or mint spring)
Kahlua® Coffee Liqueur shot
(Kahlua® Coffee Liqueur)
Kettle One® Vodka shot
(Kettle One® Vodka)
Knob Creek® Bourbon Whiskey shot
(Knob Creek® Bourbon Whiskey)
Kirsch® shot
Kirshwasser® shot
Kubler® Absinthe shot
(Kubler® Absinthe)
Kina® Lillet Blanc wine (5oz)
(Kina® Lillet Blanc wine)
Killian's® Irish Red Beer (12oz)
(Killian's® Irish Red)
Kirin® Ichiban (12oz)
(Kirin® Ichiban)
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