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Jager Bomb (Jager Blaster)
(Jagermeister,Red Bull)
(rye whiskey,french vermouth,italian vermouth,Peychaud's bitters)
(rye whiskey,lime juice,Benedictine®,Angostura bitters)
Jamaican Hot Tea Punch
(tea,oranges,lemon,dark rum,brandy,sugar)
Jubal Early Punch
(superfine sugar,lemon juice,water,dark rum,brandy,brut champagne)
Jager Blister (Jager Blaster)
(Energy drink,Jagermeister® herbal liqueur)
Jack and Coke
(Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey,cola)
Jack Daniel's Lynchburg Lemonade
(Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey,sweet and sour mix,triple sec,lemon lime soda)
Jello shots
(watermelon jell-o,boiling water,coconut rum)
Japanese Cocktail
(Cognac,orgeat,fresh lime juice,Angostura bitters,Lime peel )
Jack Rose
(applejack,fresh lemon juice,grenadine,lemon twist )
Jersey Cocktail
(apple whiskey,simple syrup,aromatic bitters)
Jersey Flashlight
(apple whiskey,lemon peel,Angostura bitters,sugar)
John Collins
(bourbon whiskey,lemon juice,sugar syrup,Club soda,Maraschino cherry ,Orange slice)
(gin,sweet vermouth,dry vermouth,curacao,lemon juice,aromatic bitters)
Jager Bomb (shooter)
(Jägermeister,Red Bull energy drink(1/2 can))
Jell-O Shot 'Basic'
(Jell-O or other gelatin (any flavor),boiling water,vodka (or other distilled spirit),cold water)
Jelly Bean (shooter)
(blackberry brandy or grenadine,anisette or sambuca,Southern Comfort)
Jose Collins
(tequila,fresh lemon juice,simple syrup,club soda,maraschino cherry)
Jamiacan rum shot
(Jamiacan rum)
Jameson® Irish Whisky shot
(Jameson® Irish Whisky)
Jack Daniel's® Tennessee whiskey shot
(Jack Daniel's® Tennessee whiskey )
Jagermeister® shot
Jeremiah Weed® Sweet Tea Vodka shot
(Jeremiah Weed® Sweet Tea Vodka)
Jim Beam® Bourbon Whiskey shot
(Jim Beam® Bourbon Whiskey )
Johnny Walker® Scotch Whisky shot
(Johnny Walker® Scotch Whisky)
Jose Cuervo® Tequila shot
(Jose Cuervo® Tequila )
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