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(London dry gin,Italian vermouth,orange bitters,Angostura bitters)
Harpo's Special
(white rum,lime juice,superfine sugar,Angostura bitters)
Honey Bee
(honey,water,white rum,lemon juice)
Hot Buttered Rum
(sugar cube,hot water,dark rum,unsalted butter)
Hot Milk Punch
(dark rum,brandy,superfine sugar,hot milk,nutmeg)
Hot Tod
(dry apricot brandy,lime juice)
(vanilla vodka,melon liqueur,Cane syrup,pineapple juice,fresh lime juice)
(mandarin vodka,cranberry juice,pineapple juice)
(vodka,granadine syrup,gin,light rum,151 rum,amaretto almond liqueur,triple sec,grapefruit juice,pineapple juice)
(coconut cream,creme de bananas,rum,coffee liqueur,strawberries)
Honey Syrup Home Made Syrup
(Clover Honey,Water)
Hemingway Daiquiri
(white rum,maraschino liqueur,grapefruit juice,lime juice,simple syrup)
(whiskey,Ginger ale)
Hi Ho
(gin,white port,orange bitters,Lemon peel)
Honeymoon Cocktail
(applejack, Benedictine,orange curacao,fresh lemon juice,Lemon peel)
Honolulu Cocktail
(gin,pineapple juice,orange juice,lemon juice,simple syrup,Angostura bitters,Lemon spiral ,Super-fine sugar)
Horse's Neck
(spiral lemon peel,bourbon,Ginger ale,Angostura bitters (optional))
Hot Buttered Rum
(soft butter,brown sugar,ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg, allspice,Vanilla extract,dark rum,Hot water)
Hot Toddy
(brandy, whiskey, or rum,honey,lemon,hot water,tea bag)
(light rum,dark rum,passion fruit juice,orange juice,half a lime,simple syrup,grenadine,Orange slice and cherry)
Honey Dew Me (shooter)
(Bärenjäger honey liqueur,lemon liqueur,Pineapple juice or Orange juice)
Hairy Navel
(vodka,peach schnapps,Orange juice )
Harvey Wallbanger
(vodka,orange juice,Galliano,Orange slice,cherry)
(vodka,black raspberry liqueur,Pineapple juice,Pineapple chunk)
Horny Bull
(tequila,Orange juice)
Hennessy Hot Coco
(Hennessy VS Cognac,hot chocolate,spiced syrup,pure vanilla extract,Heavy cream ,Grated nutmeg,Shaved dark chocolate)
Hot Peppermint Patty
(peppermint schnapps,dark crème de cacao,crème de menthe,hot chocolate,whipped cream,Shaved chocolate or chocolate sprinkles for garnish)
Hot Apple Pie
(Tuaca,hot apple cider,Whipped cream,Cinnamon stick )
Hot Apple Toddy
(whiskey or apple brandy,sugar,Hot apple cider,Lemon wedge and Cinnamon stick ,cloves,honey)
Hot Cinn Apple Toddy
(bourbon whiskey,Cinnamon Schnapps,fresh squeezed lemon juice,agave nectar,hot apple cider,Green apple slice dipped in hot caramel or cinnamon stick)
Hot Gold Apple Cider
(apple cider,dark rum,Goldschlager Cinnamon Schnapps,cinnamon sticks,allspice,cloves,orange)
Hot and Fruity Toddy
(apple brandy,Gran Gala orange liqueur,lime juice,honey,orange bitters,Hot water,Apple or orange wedge)
Happily Ever After
(rhum agricole,Cynar,Cherry Heering,Averna,Rhubarb Bitters,Whiskey Barrel Bitters)
Hanky Panky
(Fernet Branca,gin,sweet vermouth)
Herbal Liqueur shot
(Herbal Liqueur)
Hennessy® Cognacs shot
(Hennessy® Cognacs )
Herbsaint® shot
Hendrick's® Gin shot
(Hendrick's® Gin)
Herradura® Silver Tequila shot
(Herradura® Silver Tequila )
Herradura® Reposado Tequila shot
(Herradura® Reposado Tequila )
Herradura® Anejo Tequila shot
(Herradura® Anejo Tequila )
Heineken® Beer (12oz)
Harveys® Bristol Cream Sherry (5oz)
(Harveys® Bristol Cream Sherry)
Hefeweizen® (12oz)
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