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(amaretto almond liqueur,triple sec,orange juice,half-and-half)
Dreamsicle #2
(Bailey's® Irish cream,orange juice)
Dreamsicle #3
(Dr. McGillicuddy's® Vanilla Schnapps,orange juice,half-and-half)
Duck Fart
(Jack Daniel's® Tennessee Whiskey,amaretto almond liqueur,Bailey's® Irish cream)
Dark and Stormy
(dark rum,ginger beer,lime juice)
(London dry gin,cognac,French vermouth,Italian vermouth,Angostura bitters)
Dog's Nose
(London dry gin,Ale/Beer)
Dr. Cook
(London dry gin,egg white,lemon juice,Maraschino)
(Dubonnet,London dry gin)
(white rum,superfine sugar,fresh squeezed lime juice)
Dixie Car Bomb
(bourbon whiskey,butterscotch schnapps,Pabst lager)
(Southern Comfort® peach liqueur,light rum,amaretto almond liqueur,sweet and sour mix,orange juice,grenadine syrup)
Dead Nazi
(Rumple Minze peppermint liqueur,Jagermeister )
Dirty Martini
(Vodka,olive juice)
Dirty Vodka Martini
(Vodka,olive juice)
Dirty Gin Martini
(Gin,olive juice)
Demerara Syrup
(Demerara sugar,water)
(light rum,lime juice,simple syrup)
Deauville Cocktail
(brandy,applejack or calvados,triple sec,fresh lemon juice)
(Plymouth Gin,absinthe,orange bitters)
Douglas Fairbanks Cocktail
(Plymouth gin,French vermouth,Orange peel,Lemon peel)
Dubonnet Cocktail (or Zaza)
(gin,Dubonnet Rouge,Lemon twist)
(dry vermouth,sweet vermouth,orange bitters)
Dirty White Mother
(brandy,coffee liqueur,Cream)
Dirty Mother or Separator
(brandy,coffee liqueur)
Dirty Bird
(vodka,coffee liqueur,Cream or milk)
(Fernet Branca,reposado tequila,Dubonnet Rouge,Aperol,orange twist)
Dark Rum shot
(Dark Rum)
Dry Vermouth shot
(Dry Vermouth)
Disarranno® Amaretto shot
(Disarranno® Amaretto )
Don Julio® tequila shot
(Don Julio® tequila )
Dubonnet Rouge
(Dubonnet Rouge)
Damiana® shot
Don Julio® Silver Tequila shot
(Don Julio® Silver Tequila )
Don Julio® Reposado Tequila shot
(Don Julio® Reposado Tequila )
Don Julio® Anejo shot
(Don Julio® Anejo )
Dark Lager Beer (16oz)
(Dark Lager Beer)
Dark Lager Beer (12oz)
(Dark Lager Beer)
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