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A Hole in One
(Johnnie Walker® Red Label,honey,unsweetened tea,lemon wedge)
(Stirrings® Pina Colada Cocktail Mixer,Tanqueray® London Dry,Stirrings® Blood Orange Bitters,Orange Juice)
Alabama Slammer
(amaretto ,Jack Daniel's® Tennesee Whiskey,orange juice,creme de noyaux)
Atomic Cocktail
(vodka,brandy,sherry,Brut Champagne)
(rye whisky,French vermouth,unsweetened pineapple juice)
(grenadine,Pernod®,london dry gin)
(London dry gin,Maraschino,lemon juice)
Ace of Clubs
(golden rum,white creme de cacao,lime juice,simple syrup,Angostura bitters )
Admiral Vernon's Lime Grog
(fresh squeezed lime juice,brown sugar,dark rum,water,mint)
Air Mail
(golden rum,lime juice,honey,Brut champagne)
(vodka,white creme de cacao,sweet vermouth,dry vermouth,cocoa powder)
(Canadian whisky,Citrus vodka,cola)
Amazon Street Lemonade
(vodka,melon liqueur,raspberry schnapps,blue curacao liqueur,sweet and sour mix,lemon lime soda)
Alize Martini
(passion fruit liqueur,vodka)
(peppermint schnapps,vodka,coffee liqueur,bourbon whiskey,white creme de menthe,peach liqueur,hot chocolate)
All Night Long
(coconut rum,coffee liqueur,vodka,dark creme de cacao,pineapple juice,sweet and sour mix)
Almost Heaven
(currant vodka,almond liqueur,raspberry liqueur,pineapple juice,cranberry juice)
Alexander the Great
(creme de cocoa,coffee liqueur,cream,vodka)
Alfie Cocktail
(lemon vodka,triple sec,pineapple juice)
(vodka,lemon-lime mix,water)
Alcoholic Sherbert Delight
(mandarin vodka,spiced rum,gin,orange juice,grenadine syrup)
A Clockwork Tangerine
(lemon lime soda,Packet of Tangerine Kool-Aid mix ,golden rum,vodka)
A Fuzzy Thing
(Citrus vodka,triple sec,peach schnapps,orange juice,pineapple juice,sweet and sour mix)
(vodka,orange soda,lemon lime soda,kiwi juice concentrate)
(vodka,club soda,cranberry juice,sweetened lime juice)
Albert 2000
(dry vermouth,orange liqueur,triple sec,vodka)
(vodka,scotch whisky)
Alaskan Iced Tea
(sweet and sour mix,blue curacao liqueur,vodka,gin,light rum,lemon lime soda)
Apple Blossom
(brandy,apple juice,lemon juice,vodka)
Absolut Dream
(mandarin vodka,sweet and sour mix,raspberry liqueur)
Absolut Lemonade
(Citrus vodka,almond liqueur,sweet and sour mix,lemon lime soda)
Absolut Mixer
(citrus vodka,pepper vodka,currant vodka,vodka,orange juice)
Absolut Sex
(currant vodka,melon liqueur,cranberry juice,lemon lime soda)
Absolut Splash
(vodka,vegetable juice)
Absolute Stress
(vodka,coconut rum,peach schnapps,orange juice,pineapple juice,cranberry juice)
Aladdin Slane
(citrus vodka,lime juice,orange liqueur,fruit juice)
Absolutely Bananas
(vodka,banana liqueur,pineapple juice)
Absolutely Screwed Up
(citrus vodka,orange juice,triple sec,ginger ale)
Aculpoco Zombie
(vodka,tequila,rum,creme de menthe,orange juice,grapefruit juice)
Acid Trip
(melon liqueur,gin,vodka,rum,tequila)
Alabama Riot
(peach liqueur,peppermint schnapps,vodka,fruit punch,lime juice)
Addison Special
(vodka,grenadine syrup,orange juice)
Adios Mother
(vodka,gin,white rum,blue curacao liqueur,sweet and sour mix,lemon lime soda)
Air Gunner
(vodka,lemon juice,blue curacao liqueur)
Adios Motherfucker
(vodka,rum,tequila,gin,blue curacao,sweet and sour mix,lemon lime soda)
Adios Motherfucker #2
(gin,light rum,tequila,vodka,blue curacao liqueur,sweet and sour mix,lemon lime soda)
Apple Martini
(vodka,apple schnapps,apple juice)
Affirmative Action
(vodka,cognac,orange juice)
Agent Orange
(canadian whiskey ,bourbon whiskey,apple schnapps,vodka,light rum,triple sec,grenadine syrup,orange juice)
After Dinner Mint
(white creme de menthe,peach liqueur,vodka,hot chocolate)
(vodka,triple sec,grapefruit juice,cranberry juice)
(cognac,vodka,orange liqueur,orange juice,lime juice,sugar syrup)
American Leroy
(coffee liqueur,vodka,irish cream,creme de cacao)
American Pie
(grenadine syrup,vodka,sweet and sour mix,lemon lime soda,blue curacao liqueur)
Angel's Kiss
(vodka,hazelnut liqueur)
Anna's Banana
(vodka,fresh lime juice,honey,banana)
Apple Coconut Sour
(apple vodka,coconut rum,sweet and sour mix)
Apple Jolly Rancher
(apple schnapps,vodka,sweet and sour mix,lemon lime soda)
Apple Judy
(orange liqueur,vodka,apple juice)
Apple Knocker
(vodka,apple cider,lemon juice,strawberry liqueur)
Apple Pie Martini
(vanilla vodka,apple brandy,dry vermouth)
Artic Red
(cranberry vodka,sugar,lime peels,soda water,slice lemon)
Apple Soda
(vodka,apple brandy,apple schnapps,lemon lime soda)
Apple Bottom Pimp
(apple vodka,apple energy drink)
(apple vodka,apple pucker,fresh squeezed lemon juice (optional),sprite (optional),apple slice)
Appleton Skyy Soda
(vodka,dark rum,club soda)
Apples and Oranges Martini
(apple liqueur,cranberry juice,orange vodka)
Army Special
(vodka,gin,lime juice)
Apricot Breeze
(vodka,apricot nectar,tonic water)
Armada Martini
(vodka,dry sherry)
April Rain
(vodka,lime juice,vermouth,lime peel)
(vodka,cream liqueur,blue curacao liqueur,lemon lime soda)
Aqua Marina
(champagne,vodka,green creme de menthe,lemon juice)
(vodka,orange liqueur,apricot brandy,fresh lime juice)
(vodka,orange juice)
Arctic Circle
(vodka,lime juice,ginger ale)
Arctic Kiss
Ario Bomb
(vodka,grenadine syrup,cola)
Arizona Stingers
(vodka,lemon flavored iced tea)
Arkansas Razorback
(rum,vodka,almond liqueur,coffee liqueur)
Asterix Cocktail
(vodka,banana liqueur,lemon lime soda,fresh lemon juice)
Astral Gateway
(vodka,blue curacao liqueur,fresh lemon juice,ginger ale)
(vodka,light rum,dark rum,lemon lime soda,pineapple juice)
(vodka,gin,tonic water)
Atheist's Best
(extra dry champagne,vodka,cherry juice,lemon juice)
Atlantic Sun
(vodka,peach liqueur,passion-fruit syrup,sweet and sour mix,club soda)
Atomic Lokade
(lemonade,vodka,blue curacao liqueur,triple sec,sugar)
Atomic Watermelon
(melon liqueur,vodka,sweet and sour mix)
(almond liqueur,peach liqueur,lemon vodka,melon liqueur,sloe gin,orange juice,cranberry juice)
(vodka,lime juice,soda water)
(vodka,banana liqueur,apple juice,lemon juice,lemonade)
Aviator Fuel
(vodka,lemonade,lemon lime soda)
Awesome Chandler
(mandarin vodka,peach shnapps,almond liqueur,melon liqueur,sweet and sour mix,orange juice,cranberry juice)
Amaretto Sour
(Amaretto almond liqueur,sweet and sour mix)
Amaretto Stone Sour
(amaretto almond liqueur,sweet and sour mix,orange juice)
Apple Pie Punch
(apple juice,apple cider,cinnamon sticks,Everclear)
Alabama Slammer
(Jack Daniel's® Tennesee Whiskey,Southern Comfort®,amaretto,sloe gin,orange juice)
Alabama Slammer
(Southern Comfort®,amaretto,sloe gin,orange juice)
Abbey Cocktail
(gin,orange juice,orange bitters)
Absinthe Cocktail
(absinthe,ice water,anisette,Angostura bitters)
Adonis Cocktail
(dry sherry,sweet vermouth,dry vermouth,orange bitters)
(rye whiskey,dry vermouth,pineapple juice)
Allies Cocktail
(London Dry Gin,French (dry) Vermouth,Russian Kummel)
(Campari,sweet vermouth,Club soda,Lemon twist or orange slice for garnish)
Angel's Tit
(white creme de cacao,maraschino liqueur,half and half,Maraschino cherry )
Aviation Cocktail
(gin,maraschino liqueur,fresh lemon juice,creme de violette,Flamed lemon peel )
Agave Syrup Home Made Syrup
(Agave Nectar,Water)
After Five
(coffee liqueur,Irish cream liqueur,peppermint schnapps)
(Jack Daniel's whiskey,white sambuca)
Apocalypse Now (shooter)
(dry vermouth,Irish cream liqueur,tequila (1/3 oz))
After Five (shooter)
(coffee liqueur,Irish cream liqueur,peppermint schnapps)
Anejo Highball
(Anejo rum,orange curacao,lime juice,Angostura bitters,ginger beer,Lime wheel ,Orange slice)
Aggravation or Teacher's Pet
(Scotch whisky,coffee liqueur,Milk or cream)
Aggravation or Teacher's Pet
(Scotch whisky,coffee liqueur,Milk or cream)
Adult Hot Chocolate
(peppermint schnapps,hot chocolate,whipped cream,Chocolate sprinkles for garnish (optional))
A Nice Warm Drink
(water,spice tea bags,light brown sugar,apple cider,Pyrat XO Rum,cinnamon sticks,butter,Cinnamon stick and orange slice for garnish)
Autumn Chai Swizzle
(Baileys Original Irish Cream,brewed chai tea)
Autumn Slumber Toddy
(gin,creme de cassis,simple syrup,lemon juice,Hot water)
Apple Cider Shandy
(oatmeal stout (or other dark beer),soft sparkling apple cider)
Anejo Mule
(light rum,dark rum,simple syrup or triple sec,ginger beer,Angostura bitters,lime juice)
Anejo Tequila shot
(Anejo Tequila)
American Whiskey shot
(American Whiskey)
Apple Whiskey shot
(Apple Whiskey)
Armagnac shot
Anise Liqueur shot
(Anise Liqueur)
Anisette shot
Absinthe shot
Absolut® vodka shot
(Absolut® vodka)
Averna® shot
Aperol® shot
Applejack® shot
Apple Cider
(Apple Cider)
Ale Beer
Appleton Estates® Rum shot
(Appleton Estates® Rum )
Aftershock® shot
Alize® all flavors shot
(Alize® all flavors )
Ancient Age® shot
(Ancient Age®)
Aqwa de Bolivia® shot
(Aqwa de Bolivia®)
Amstel Light® (12oz)
(Amstel Light®)
Anchor Steam® Beer (12oz)
(Anchor Steam® Beer)
Asahi® (12oz)
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