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Slosh ball

How To Be Funny Course

Type of Drinking Game: Physical Game

Supplies Needed: 2 Kegs or 2 buckets of Beer, Softball, 4 Bats, Cups, Slip-n-slide

# Players: 12+

Buzz Factor: Drunk

Game Rating: 10

Need: 2 Kegs or 2 buckets of Beer
At least one softball - you can play with actual balls that are soft and easy to catch
4 baseball bats
A Slip-and-Slide is optional but is more fun
A lot of people
Enough room to play a softball game(baseball field, yard, beach, etc.)
Lots of cups

Slosh ball is one of the great American past times. Slosh ball does require a degree of planning so if you want to play, you must prepare.

There are many different versions of this game so feel free to add or delete rules to make a game that works best for you and your friends.

A keg or bucket of beers on ice is placed at second base.

The second keg or kegs or bucket(s) of beer are placed off to the side of the field where people drinking the beer won’t get tagged by a stray foul ball.

The Slip-n-Slide is placed from third to home. This is obviously optional but it's also more fun.

The game is played just like slow pitch softball. The only difference is that at second base you must pound a beer before you can move on. You can have beers prepared at second or Beer Cans to save time.

Each player must slide down the Slip-n-Slide on their way from third base to home plate.

Dizzy Sticks is played when three fourth(3/4th) of the games is up. Losing team drinks and additional beer or a shot of liqueur. This game is obviously optional.

How to play Dizzy Sticks:
Dizzy Sticks is a relay race. Each team needs 2 bats placed about 20 yards apart. Each team should be on the same starting line but at least 20 feet apart from each other to help prevent people from running into each other and hurting themselves.

Each player starts by placing their head on the bat and spinning around the bat 5 times with their eyes closed.
Then the player runs to their next bat and drinks a beer then spins around that bat 5 times.
Then they run to tag their team mate who suffers through the same fun they just did.

The loosing team drinks a beer or shot of liqueur.

After the game of Dizzy Sticks the teams goes back and finish the game.


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