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How To Be Funny Course

Type of Drinking Game: Physical

Supplies Needed: A single Dice,Large table cloth that draps to the floor a the table, beer/liquor.

# Players: 3+

Buzz Factor: Fun Buzz

Game Rating: 9

3+ players is ok but 6-8 is best.

This game is a highly adult themed game with possible sexual mischief. I heard it’s completely fun to play.

Everyone sits around a table with a table cloth that hangs to the floor. This is so everyone is shielded from view.

Every player drops their pants, shorts, skirt, overalls, or whatever to their ankles.

From left to right, the players take turns passing a single dice and rolling it.

Roll 6: If a player rolls a 6 then they have to go under the table to do whatever they choose to whomever they choose.

The object is for the player under the table to do whatever they want, however they choose to get a smile. Anything and everything goes.

Once a player ‘Smiles’ the player under the table returns to their chair and The dice rolling begins to their right again.

Player ‘Smiles”: The ‘Smiler’ must drink an entire drink which could be a full glass of wine, a full beer, their entire drink or a full shot of straight liquor (Vodka, Tequila, Southern Comfort, Tuaca, Jager, Fernet Branca, whatever).

Add Alternate Rules: Add alternate rules to certain dice rolls for even more fun.
Roll a 5: Can be a ‘Social’ Drink. So everyone takes a single drink.
Roll a 1: Can be a ‘Take off Your Underware too’ for 2 rolls.
Roll a 3: Can be a “Drink or Dare” which the person to the left of the 3 Rollers asks the dare if 'Dare' is chosen.

Add whatever you like to a 'Dice Roll' to make it even more interesting.

History; This is historically a Bachelor Party Game where hookers are ub=nder the table. Now a Bachelorette Party Game too....



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