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We Will Rock You

How To Be Funny Course

Type of Drinking Game: Physical

Supplies Needed: Beer or Your Favorite Shot

# Players: 3+

Buzz Factor: Fun Buzz

Game Rating: 9

It's a slow game at first but once you get in to it... its great!
All you need is at least 3 people and area to sit preferably at a table.

Its a crazy, fun dance memory game that starts out slow but becomes alot of fun fast.

How to Play
The game begins with everyone starting a beat like "We Will Rock You". The beat is done by hitting a table, your knees or anything twice-- Then clapping once.
You can also Clap Twice and Hit the table/any object twice as well. Whatever beat you choose is fine as long as it's simple.

One person at a time does a 'Move'. Then the next person has to do that same move and then dd their own move. Each player has to remember every players move before them,

We suggest that you make the moves simple because the game becomes complex enough fast.

If someone forgets a move then they have to drink a shot or a big gulp of their drink.

If a person forgets their own move then they take 2 shots or 2 big gulps of their drink.

If a player takes over 10 seconds to remember a move they drink a shot or big gulp of their drink.

Suggestion: Don't play the game to music because the beat changes and screws up the game.

Alternate Rule: Instead of sitting at a table, everyone can stand and do their dances.


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