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Depth charge aka "Sink the Battle Ship"

How To Be Funny Course

Type of Drinking Game: Luck Game

Supplies Needed: Picture of Beer, Shot Glass, and Extra beers or drink for each player

# Players: 2+

Buzz Factor: Drunk

Game Rating: 6

Players: Best with 4 players

Float the shot glass in the middle of the pitcher filled with beer.

The object of the game is to add beer into the shot glass without sinking it. So each player adds a little beer to the shot glass while trying not to sink the shot glass.

The person that sinks the shot glass has to pound a beer, drink their drink or drink a shot. The pitcher is then split up amongst all players including the person who sank the battle ship.

Alternate rules(NOT recommended):
If you sink the shot you must pound the entire pitcher. We have found that on the second or third sinking in a row most people drop out. Not to mention, not all the players get to drink and that's not fun.
Stop Go

Need: A drink for each player

“Stop go” is a very simple, fun game that can get very confusing.

To start: Everyone gets in a circle with a drink in their hand.

The first player looks at the direction he wants the play and then says "GO".

The player they are looking at can either says "STOP" or "GO".

'Go' keeps the play going in the same direction.
'Stop' reverses it back.

Only the first player has to say "GO"and look in the direction he/she wants to go. The rest of the players can look in any direction they wish to try and throw the other players off.

If someone misses their turn OR
Says stop/go out of turn.
They have to drink.

It can get confusing so you have to pay attention. After the person is done drinking they start up the next round.

Important Rule:
The first person can not start off with "STOP"


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