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Keg Stand Race

How To Be Funny Course

Type of Drinking Game: Endurance Game

Supplies Needed: Keg, 2 strong people to hold the legs of the keg stander + 1 person to pour

# Players: 4+

Buzz Factor: Totally Drunk

Game Rating: 6

The object is to drink as long as you can while doing a keg stand.

You can have teams or just do individual times.

A second equals a point. You add up the points that each team gets. The team or person with the most points wins.

You can do 1 , 2, or 3 rounds. Then add up all the scores for all the rounds to determine the winner.

How to do a Keg Stand: Put both hands on the keg. 2 strong friends will hold your feet, and pull you upwards into a handstand on the keg. Drink from the tap as many seconds as you can. Keep track of your times.

The keg stander 'Shakes' their head to signal somebody to close the tap or the Pourer stops pouring when someone is spilling way to much out of their mouths.


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