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Ice Tray Quarters

How To Be Funny Course

Type of Drinking Game: Coin Game

Supplies Needed: Ice tray (like the one in your refrigerator with small cups to freeze ice into ice cubes), a quarter, beer (liquor)

# Players: 2+

Buzz Factor: Completely Wasted

Game Rating: 8

The game is similar to the regular quarters game accept in this game you are throwing your quarters into an ice tray.

A player tosses quarters into the ice tray. Where the quarter lands determines if that player ‘Takes’ or ‘Gives’ - ‘One’ or ‘Two’ Drinks(or shots).

Drink Key:
Left side of Ice Tray: ‘Take’ a drink side.

Right side of Ice Tray: ‘Give’ a drink side.

Holes on the Half Closet to you at the Designated Throwing Spot: 1 drink

Half Farthest Away from you at the Designated Throwing Spot: 2 drinks.

Miss the ice tray: Drink 1 drink

It’s a fast game, and a lot of drinking can be done in a short amount of time.


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