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How To Be Funny Course

Type of Drinking Game: Coin Game

Supplies Needed: A Quarter, Beer, towels and 4 shot glasses

# Players: 4+

Buzz Factor: Totally Drunk

Game Rating: 8

Best played with 2 team

On a table...

Set up the four shot glasses in a row going away from the designated shooting spot which is where everyone tosses the quarter from. Each shot glass is filled with beer.

Each player gets a single up to a home run by throwing the quarter into a the designated shot glass filled with beer.

First Shot Glass is the closes to the Player Designated Shooting Spot. It represents a single.
Second Shot Glass: Which is next represents a double.
Third Shot Glass is next and it represents a triple.
The Fourth Shot Glass is the furthest away from the Player Designated Shooting Spot. It represents a Home Run

Example: Player Shooting Spot--- Single Shot Glass--- Double Shot Glass--- Triple Shot Glass--- Home Run Shot Glass.
Like in baseball the visiting team is at bat or in this case throws the quarter first.

Each player on the visiting team takes turns throwing the quarter into the shot glasses.

Each Player gets 3 strikes (misses all the shot glasses) and you are out.

There are 3 outs for the team and the other team is up.
Game follows as regular baseball rules.Runs are scored in the same way.
Important: You have to keep track of who is on what base and of course the score.
Drink: All the shot glasses are filled with beer.
If a player makes the quarter into a shot glass which equals a hit but that player must drink the contents of the shot glasses behind the one he made.

For example:
If a player throws a quarter into the first shot glass it equals a single but that player must drink the remaining three shot glasses full of beer behind the shot glass with the quarter.
If the player hits a triple, that player only has to drink one shot.

A Home Run is a score and no shots.

If the player gets no hits and strikes out, that player must drink all four shots. The opposing team must drink for each run the other team scores.
This is simple but really, fun game.

Variation: You can put water in the shot glasses to keep you from splashing and wasting beer plus its more sanitary. Now everyone can have their own shot glass(es) which they can drink their shots out of.


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