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How To Be Funny Course

Type of Drinking Game: Card

Supplies Needed: 1 deck of cards, beer

# Players: 3+

Buzz Factor: Completely Wasted

Game Rating: 6

This is one of those "abuse of power" games.

Drink: Drinking takes place based on the rules of each dictator.

To determine who the dictator is everyone draws a card. The player with the highest card is the dictator. (Aces are high)

The dictator then gets to make up a card-based rule.

Examples are...
All red cards, all odd cards, all face cards, etc have to drink once.

You can choose to have a few different rules. Be creative, but not too complicated.

The dictator then deals out as many cards as he/she likes, it's best to do no more than 5 cards per player. The dictator deals a hand to themselves too. Each player has to follow the rules according to any of the cards they have in their hand.
Except for the dictator... the dictator gets to give their cards to other players rather than take the drinks themselves.

Once that hand is over the dictatorship passes to the person on their left.

Variation: The dictator can make up other rules that are not based on cards.
Example; If you get caught with your elbows on the table you have to drink.


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