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How To Be Funny Course

Type of Drinking Game: Card

Supplies Needed: 1 deck of cards, alcohol

# Players: 4+

Buzz Factor: Totally Drunk

Game Rating:

Best played with 4-10 players.

The dealer deals all of the cards face down as evenly as possible to everyone.

Drink: When your card matches the suit or number of the person's card next to you.

The person to the left of the dealer starts by flipping their card over. The next player flips their card over. If these two player's cards have the same suit or if they have the same number they both drink. You drink the number of drinks that corresponds with the number on each individuals card. If they don't match suits or numbers move on to the next player. This player then sees if they match the previous player's suit or number.

If all three players in a row match the same suit or card number then they all drink. Which means the two players that just drank are going to have to drink again.

Face cards equal 10. And Ace equals 11.

Each person keeps flipping until they are out of cards


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