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How To Be Funny Course

Type of Drinking Game: Card Game

Supplies Needed: Cards

# Players: 2+

Buzz Factor: Completely Wasted

Game Rating: 8

A player calls Red, Black, Purple or Rainbow. Another player deals the cards.

If a player calls…
Red: If a red card is flipped then the play passes to the next person.
If ‘NO’ red card then the player drinks a big gulp or a shot. Whatever drinks you choose at the beginning of the game is what the players drink.

Black: If a black card is flipped then the next person goes.
If ‘NO’ black card then the player drinks a big gulp or a shot.

Purple: The dealer turns over two cards. One card must be red and the other card black. If the player is incorrect then they drink Two drinks.

Rainbow: The dealer turns over four cards. Two cards must be black and two must be red. If the player is incorrect then that player must drink Four drinks.

Variation: The player who calls it correctly, gives out the shots.
For instance: If the player guesses ‘Rainbow ‘correctly then they gives out 4 drinks/shots to the other players however they choose. This variation can turn this game into even more of an drunk fest than without the variation.
Rainbow is a more intense variation of a very similar drinking game called Red and Black.


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