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Screaming Numbers

How To Be Funny Course

Type of Drinking Game: Verbal

Supplies Needed: Liquor and Beer

# Players: 6+

Buzz Factor: Completely Wasted

Game Rating: 7

Best played with a large group.

Everyone sits in a circle. A player volunteers to go first, and says 'one'. Then, randomly another player must take the initiative to say 'two', and so on and on. Remember the game follows no set pattern progressing in a random order.

Drink: If two people speak at the same time, they both must take a drink.

Drink: After about a second, If no one says anything the last person to say a number screams 'FREEZE' and selects someone to take two drinks. The game starts again at one.

Drink: While the last person is saying ‘FREEZE’ If someone says something ( a number ) at the same time then they both take three drinks.


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