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Fuck Me

How To Be Funny Course

Type of Drinking Game: Verbal

Supplies Needed: Liquor or Beer

# Players: 3+

Buzz Factor: Almost Drunk

Game Rating: 6

The higher the number of players, the more difficult the game.

Everyone sits in chairs around a sturdy table or on the floor if you choose. First, each person gives themselves a name of their choice.
Names: The name must be ?-fuck. For example, wet-fuck, crazy-fuck, ass-fuck, hand-fuck, football-fuck whatever.
Every player needs a beer or drink of their choice.

Start Game: Someone starts the game by saying "Oh fuck me" and then everyone else chimes in with "fuck me" while keeping a simple beat by hitting the table twice, and clapping twice. The beat is two hits to the table, then two claps like the song ‘We will Rock You’ but with an extra clap. Every time the groups hands hit the table they say or yell fuck-me.

The person who starts the game says his name twice to the beat, then says "better than a" then says another players name- Then that player says their Fuck name twice, “‘?-Fuck’ , ‘?-Fuck’ then says "better than a" another players “?-Fuck name” and so on.
Example : Player 1(Dildo-Fuck ) says “Oh Fuck Me” to start the game.
Then as everyone says Fuck-me to the beat every time their hands touch the table or floor.
Player 1 says "Dildo-fuck, Dildo-fuck better than a Wet-fuck"
“Wet Fuck’ then says "Wet-fuck, Wet-fuck better than a Crazy-fuck" and so on.
This is continued until someone messes up.
A player can mess- up by being off beat or forgetting names.
If you do fuck up, you have to drink for a determined amount of time which you can make up.


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