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Rocky Horror Picture Show Drinking Game

How To Be Funny Course

Type of Drinking Game: TV and Film

Supplies Needed: Rocky Horror Picture Show, Beers/Alcoholic Drinks

# Players: 2+

Buzz Factor: Totally Drunk

Game Rating: 9

For Official Movie Theater Showtimes in or near your city:
The Official Rocky Horror Website

Overview Cast, and Crew information:

Release date: September 26, 1975

How to Play:
Drink each time:

Dancing occurs
You see a motorcycle
Janet mentions the rain
The audience can scream "Slut!" or "Bitch!" at Janet
The audience can scream "Asshole!" at Brad
Rocky says "ugh!"
Columbia shrieks
Rice/Confetti are thrown
Someone dies
Frank has sex with anyone
Anyone dives into a swimming pool
The dogs are heard barking

Finish your drink every time:

Frank changes his costume
Magenta & Riff have 'elbow sex'
The criminologist appears on screen
Anyone smokes

Suggestion: Dress up if you want to make it more even more fun.


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