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Name Game

How To Be Funny Course

Type of Drinking Game: Trivia

Supplies Needed: Liquor or Beer

# Players: 2+

Buzz Factor: Drunk

Game Rating: 7

A person starts the game by saying the name of a famous person. Important Key: The name has to be of a famous person.

The next person then has to say a name beginning with the first letter of the last name of the name just said. Example: If the first person says "Johnny Depp" then the next person could say "Dolly Parton". The next person might say "Puff Daddy" and so on.

A person has to be drinking while they are thinking of a name. If a person can’t think of a name then they must finish their drink.

A name can only be said once in a game. If a name is repeated, the person who repeats it has to drink. Yoou can vary the rules by saying that person must finish their drink if they repeat a name that has already been said.

Fack/Bluff names: You can use a bluff name if no one notices. If someone calls a person’s bluff, then the bluffer must finish their drink and perform a truth or dare called by the person who called the bluff. If the name called is a real celebrity then the person who called it a bluff name must drink their drink and do a truth or dare. You can check any bluffs on


Same letter First and Last Name: Direction Change: If a name is said with the same letter for the first and last names then the direction changes. For example if someone says, “Ryan Reynolds” then direction would change from right to left.

Single word name: Skip: If a single named famous person is said then the next person is skipped. The skipped person must drink. An example of a single word name would be “Pink”, “Madonna” or “Batman”.

Triple word name: Everyone else drinks: If a person says a triple word name then everyone gets to drink. For example: Billy Bob Thornton or Karim Abdul Jabbar.

Four Word Name: Everyone else finishes half their drink.

Five+ Word Name: Everyone finishes their drink or takes a shot, The name dropper’s choice.


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