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Beirut aka "Beer-root"

How To Be Funny Course

Type of Drinking Game: Skill Game

Supplies Needed: At least 20 Cups, A ping pong sized Table, and At least 2 ping pong balls

# Players: 2+

Buzz Factor: Drunk

Game Rating: 9

This is possibly the most widely know drinking game on the planet.

This game can be played one on one but is best played with two teams of two. Two teams of three or four is ok also. Place ten cups on both sides of the table. Arrange the cups into a pyramid shape. Center the base of the pyramid at the edge of the table.

Fill each cup approximately half full with beer.

Which team goes first?
To determine which team begins the game, you can simply pick a team for whatever reason or have a 'Shoot Off'.

How to do a 'Shoot Off'...
A player from each side throws the ping pong ball to the other side. The player that misses a cup first looses and their team goes second. This means the other team starts the game.
If a team has both members make cups they get what is called a “bring back.” The other team must give the ping pong balls back and the team gets to shoot again.
Optional: You can add a 'Shoot Off' rule which all the remaining beers on the entire table or just their side of the table are drunk by the loosing team.

Common rules: If you accidentally knock over a cup or drop a ball into a cup in play, you loose that cup plus you must drink your entire cup before throwing.

Additional house rules: Each team gets one “re-rack” where the opposite team has to put all the cups remaining back together.

Reshaping the cups:
You can only request a reshape or “re rack” at the beginning of a turn.
Common re-shape designs are as followed:
Six Cups: Pyramid
Five Cups: House shape or skewed
Four Cups: Diamond shape
Three Cups: Triangle shape.

More house rules: Girls blow, guys finger.
Ex: If the ping pong ball is swirling around a cup but has not touched beer, girls can blow it out and guys can use fingers to try and flick it out. This can only be done BEFORE THE PING PONG BALL TOUCHES BEER.

Bounce Rule
Additional rule: You can bounce the ping pong ball off the table into the cup. If it goes in, it counts as two cups. On the bounce the other team can swat the ball away. So it is best to disguise or fake that you are not bouncing in order to throw the team off.

Great thing to have is a water cups on each side. You will need to rinse off the ping pong balls after each turn.


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