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Flip Cup

How To Be Funny Course

Type of Drinking Game: Skill Game

Supplies Needed: Plastic cups, Table, Beer or alcohol

# Players: 3+

Buzz Factor: Almost Drunk

Game Rating: 10

This is a relay race game played with plastic party cups. Teams are divided into 2 equal groups. Each player with a designated amount of an alcoholic beverage in a cup in front of them.

Choose one of these Suggested Amounts of Alcoholic Beverage below:
Quarter cup of Beer
Half cup of Beer
1 shot of hard liquor.
2 shots of hard liquor
1/4 cup mixed drink

It is best played with 2 teams facing each other on each side of a table.

The game is a relay race.
Each person much drink the contents of their cup then place the cup with the bottom side(closed end) of the cup down- half on the edge of the table.

Then they have to flip the cup with their finger(s) until it is lands on the table standing on the top side(wide-mouth, open-side) of the cup.

Once one person does this successfully then the next person accomplishes the same small feat then on and on until everyone in the group finishes. The first team with all the cups top side(open-end) down first wins. First team to finish wins.


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