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Jenga- Truth, Dare or Drink

How To Be Funny Course

Type of Drinking Game: Skill Game

Supplies Needed: Jenga Game- Brown Wooden Blocks, Marker or Jenga Game with Blocks in 3 different colors

# Players: 2+

Buzz Factor: Almost Drunk

Game Rating: 9

Game Prep for Supplies 1: If you have the Jenga Game with Brown Wooden Blocks- Separate the blocks in 3 equal sections and write on both ends of each block in its section the below:
Section 1: Write T which stands for Truth
Section 2: Write D which stands for Dare
Section 3: Write X which stands for Drink

*You can also, put more Xs on blocks if you want to make it more of a drinking game and vice versa for the D for Dare and the T for Truth

Game Prep for Supplies 2: Simply designate one color for Truth, one color for Dare and one color for Drink.

Good Move: Command someone else to perform the command on the block- If a player successfully moves a block as the rules state, that player can tell another player to drink.

Bad Move: Player takes 2 drinks(2 gulps)- If a player does an illegal rule like straightening the tower or supporting a tower during a move then that player has to take 2 gulps of their drink.

Tower Falls: Player Drinks entire Beer (Drink), Performs a Truth and a Dare that the group agrees on- If a player causes the tower to topple over that player must drink their entire beer or drink, perform a Truth and a Dare that the group comes up with and agrees on together.


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