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Pick up the Bill

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Bet Category: Physical Bet

Bet Supplies Needed: Restaurant/Bar Bill or money, a wall

The Bet: Bet your friend that you can put the bill on his or her shoe and s(he) won't be flexible enough or strong enough to bend over, pick up the bill and hold it out for me to take.

The person can't move their feet, bend their knees.

Promise them that no one will interfere with them at all.

The Catch: When they agree.... Place their back against the wall with their heels against the baseboard of the wall.

It will be impossible for them to bend over and grab the bill without falling over.


1.Bet that if they can pick the bill or money off their shoe and hold it out without falling over, moving their feet, or bending their knees - you will pick up the bill or they win the bet you agreed to.

2. When they agree... Place their back against a wall and their heels against the baseboard.

3. Place to bill on their foot. They will not be able to balance enough to bend over and pick up the bill.

4. You win... They pick up the bill even though they couldn't pick it up a second ago.



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