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Eleven Makes Nine

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Bet Category: Mensa Game with Bar Props

Bet Supplies Needed: 11 toothpicks or matches

The Bet: Using toothpicks or matches, See if your friend can make eleven toothpicks or matches turn into nine. No throwing them away or breaking them.

The Catch: Spell the word ‘NINE’ with 11 toothpicks to win.


1. Choose to do this trick with either eleven toothpicks or matches. For this example I am going to use toothpicks. Lay six toothpicks out as shown in the picture.

2. Give your spectator five toothpicks. Ask them to now make “NINE” using all eleven of these toothpicks.

3. Once the spectator finally gives up lay down the toothpicks as shown in the picture to make the spelling of the number NINE.



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