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Snifter control

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Bet Category: Bar Prop Bet

Bet Supplies Needed: * Empty Brandy snifter or wine glass
* Olive or bottle cap or cork
* Glass or ashtray or any container to place the Olive or bottle cap into.

The Bet: Who can get the bottle cap into the cup using the snifter alone. They will try scooping it, flipping it, using the stem or base. They will fail.

The Catch: With a little wrist action, you can begin to swirl the cap or olive around then carry the swirling cap to the cup and drop it in.


1. Make a friendly wager that whoever can move the olive into the cup using only the snifter wins a drink from the other person.
2. Let the other person go first.
3. After they fail, Turn the snifter upside down and begin to pick up the olive by swirling it around the inside of the snifter.
4. Drop the olive into the cup.
5. You win…



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