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Bet Category: Physical Bet

Bet Supplies Needed: A Chair with a cross bar or panel under the front that doesn’t allow you to put your feet under it.

The Bet: Bet someone that with one finger you can easily stop them from standing up from a chair.

They have to sit with their butt completely back into a chair that doesn’t allow their feet under them. They can’t use their hands or arms.

Against on finger, if they simply stand up in a single movement in the normal position you described without using their hands/arms - they win.

The Catch: People don’t pay attention to the way they stand up. The physics and mechanics of standing involves switching your center of gravity by moving your feet back and your body forward.
Your hands and arms are very important to standing as well. You use your arms to push yourself up.
If you take away someone’s center of gravity shift by not allowing a person’s legs to swing back, stop the person from leaning forward with a small amount of pressure from your finger on their forehead, and not allow them to use their arms/hands - you will be able to stop a very strong person from standing up.


1. To energize a party, get a free drink or win a little cash - Bet someone that with one finger you can easily stop them from standing up from a chair.

2. Have the willing victim sit in a chair that they can’t put their feet under. Make sure their butt is completely back into the chair and they can’t use their hands/arms.

3. Place one finger on their forehead and watch the them struggle to try to standup.

4. Collect your winnings and enjoy your day.



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