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Bet Category: Coin Bet

Bet Supplies Needed: Random Coins

The Bet: Tell your friend to pull out a random coin from their pocket or purse. Tell them that to figure out who will pay for lunch, or a round of drinks, You bet them that you can guess the date.

The Catch: You said you can guess the date which is today’s date Not the date on the random coin.


1. To see who is paying for a round of drinks or lunch, ask your friend to pull out a random coin and cover it on the table.


You can have them pull out 5 coins and show you. Then pick one randomly and place it on the table.

2. Say to your friend that if you can guess the date, then they pay for the round. If you get it wrong then you pay for the round.

3. Tell them today’s date. You win!

4. If they protest, tell them that they should listen to details more, that it’s a good lesson for them and sometimes education costs.



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