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Bet Category: Bar Prop Bet

Bet Supplies Needed: 3 Beer Bottle Caps
Coin that fits into a bottle cap

The Bet: Bet someone that you can throw a bottle cap farther than they can. It’s a great bet for a girl to pose to a guy… Actually, it’s a great bet for anyone to pose on any deserving sucker.

The Catch: Place or force a coin inside the bottle cap you are throwing. The coin should be around the same size as bottle cap.
The added weight of the coin inside the bottle cap will allow you to easily throw it farther than even an NFL Quarterback or the strongest person you know if they are throwing a normal bottle cap with nothing in it.

Coin Size: So remember that the internal diameter of the bottle should around the same as the diameter of the coin.


1. Wedge a coin inside a bottle cap without anyone noticing. Place it in your pocket or somewhere close.

2. Bet someone you can throw a bottle cap a lot farther than they can. For the effect, you can toss a normal bottle cap up and down in your hand to while telling them about the bet.

3. If you are in a bar, either ask a bartender for a couple bottle caps or pick them up off the floor.

4. You can hold the your Bar Cap Throwing Contest in a bar, if you are in a rare bar that won't care about people throwing bottle caps around.

But most people will hold the Competition in a parking lot or on a side walk.

5. Draw a line or agree on a point to throw from.

6. As the sucker is throwing - you can be pull your bottle cap with the coin in it.

If you are in a setting where they wouldn’t notice the coin in the bottle cap, simply have it in your hand with another cap.

7. Act as if you are impressed by their throw.

8. Now throw your bottle cap and watch it pass their bottle cap mark by a large distance.

9. Have an extra bottle cap in hand and switch the caps when you pick it up.

10. Collect your winning, you Olympic Bottle Cap Throwing Champion.



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