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Bet Category: Coin Bet

Bet Supplies Needed: A Quarter
Knife or File

The Bet: This is a way to win a coin flip. You simply say ‘Heads or Tails’, flip the coin, catch it and place the coin on the back of your hand - Then ask the person to call 'Heads' or 'Tails'.

The Catch: On the 'Tails Side' of a quarter, use a knife or file to create a spur or sharp, protruding, shard piece that points out on the 'Tails Side'.

You create this sharp piece as a way to feel if the coin is ‘Heads’ when you feel something poke you on the back of your hand.

If you feel that sharp poke on the back of your hand, you know that 'Heads is Up' and 'Tails is Down'.


1. At home or out of anyone’s sight, you use a knife, file or any object to create a sharp, spur sticking out on the 'Tails' side of a quarter.

2. Whenever an occasion arises, like paying for a round of shots, or dinner, or whose going to pick up the take-out, You say,

"Let's flip for it."

3. You grab your special quarter, flip it, catch it and place it on the back of your hand.

4. Turn the quarter a little to see if you feel the sharp spur on your back hand.

5. If you FEEL the spur, then it's ‘HEADS’.

If you DO NOT FEEL the spur, then it's ‘TAILS’.

6. Ask the person 'Heads or Tails?'

7. If they get it wrong, You Win!

8. If they get it right…:
You can turn the quarter over into the other hand so it basically flips over and You Win!


If you wish, you can explain that the quarter has a spur. Say you were just kidding and You just wanted to show them the trick.


You can have your other hand over the quarter with your thumb under it and flip the coin over to Win! Practice this one at home first.



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