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Dime Wine

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Bet Category: Bar Prop Bet

Bet Supplies Needed: Empty bottle of wine, cork, dime in the bottle

The Bet: You can get the dime out of the empty bottle with the cork in it without breaking the bottle or pulling out the cork.

The Catch: : You simply push the cork all the way into the wine bottle. The cork can be pushed all the way into the bottle with a little effort. Wet the cork first if you like to make it a little easier to slide the cork in.


1. Place the dime into the empty bottle of wine.
2. Place the cork into the opening of the wine bottle so the coin will not be easily taken out.
3. Make the bet- Without breaking the bottle or talking out the cork…. You bet you can take the coin out of the bottle.
4. Push the cork through and work the coin out.
5. Collect your free drink etc from the bartender.



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