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Buy $40 for $30?

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Bet Category: Bar Prop Bet

Bet Supplies Needed: Matchbox or small container
$20 bill

The Bet: Its really not a bet, its a sales transaction. Offer $20 and have your slightly drunk, and possibly tired friend to do the same.

Put the $40 in a matchbox or any small container.

Offer to sell him or her the $40 and matchbox for $30.

The Catch: You are making $10 off the deal because you put your $20 in the matchbox and received $30 which equals a $10 profit.

He gives up $20 like you but buys his $20, your $20 and the matchbox for $30. So he spends $50 in all for $40.


1. Offer up $20 and ask your drunk friend to do the same.

2. Let him/her watch you put the $40 into a matchbox or any small box.

3. Tell your friend that there is $40 in the box, which you will sale for only $30. Tell him if he could buy $40 for $30 consistenly, he could make a lot of money.

4. When he accepts, you profit $10 and your friends feels like s(he)'s making money while s(he)'s drunk.

5. Its a Win-Win. You get an extra $10 plus the satisfaction of being one step ahead. Your friend feels good about themselves because they now have $40 for an apparently good price:)



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