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Bet Category: Games&Challenges

Bet Supplies Needed: A cup or any container
10 coins
A marker

The Bet: It's a game to see who will pick up the bill or buy a round of drinks. The last person who has a coin with their initials facing up... Wins!

The Catch: You put your initials on both sides of one of the coins. So no matter how many times you dump coins on the table, you will have a coin with your initials up.


1. You both divide the 10 coins into 2 stacks of 5. One stack of 5 coins for your friend and one stack of 5 coins for you.

2. Tell your friend to write his/her initials on one side of the five coins and you will do the same.

3. You nonchalantly initial one coin on both sides.

4. The game begins. You place all the coins in a cup and dump them out.

5. Every coin that DOES NOT have an initial facing up is removed.

6. Place the coins with an initial facing up back into the cup to swish around and then toss them onto the table again removing the coins without initials.

7. Keep the routine up until your coin with 2 initalis on each side is the last coin standing.

8. You can slyly switch the double initialled coin with single initialled coin and let your friend inspect it if they like.

9. Accept your winnings you clever gamesman.

Remember, you said in the rules to sign it on one side which you did but you also signed it on the other side which is one side too:)



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