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Mirror Mirror

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Bet Category: Physical Bet

Bet Supplies Needed: 2 shots or 2 drinks
Random things around you

The Bet: Simple challenge: I'll bet you that you can't do everything I can. All simple things. If he does, he wins. If not, you win.

The Catch: On one of the mirror moves take a sip of your drink (so the person mirroring you will do the same) but don't swallow it. Then do a few more things so the person will swallow it eventually then you spit it out into another cup to win. They will not be able to do it because they swallowed.


Start doing anything. Put your hand on you nose. Touch your toes. Pick up a napkin.

Then take a sip of your drink.

Do a few more easy, random things.

Then spit your sip back into your drink or a cup.

S(he) won't be able to because s(he) loves to swallow:)



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