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No A in free drinks…

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Bet Category: Physical Bet

Bet Supplies Needed: 2 people

The Bet: Bet that someone else (usually someone you are trying to impress) can say 50 different words that so not have the letter ‘A’ in less than 25 seconds.
All done without any planning…
The fact that the person performing this small feat will be uncertain that they have this ability will make them feel even more validated and confident when they do. In turn, appreciating you more.

The Catch: Whisper to the person, ‘Count to 50 fast’.
Fact: There is no ‘A’ in the spelled out numbers 0 to 999. If you don’t say Five Hundred ‘And ‘twelve or any number like that.


1. Tell someone a complete stranger or unknowing friend can say 50 different words that don’t have an A in it in less than 30 seconds. Then say make it 25 seconds if you like.
2. Grab someone to help you settle a bet and simply say to them, Count to 50 fast…
3. Explain the bet to the new person in front of the friend you’re betting.
4. Listen to them quickly help you win a free drink for both of you, a free round or whatever you bet for both.
5. That was an icebreaker, a free drink and you made someone you’re interested in feel even more confident.



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